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by Nilda Oquendo

I remember when I came in for my day of observation and the leader I was set up with was explaining the marketing systems to me throughout the day, everything sounded so foreign. When she got to explaining the Eight Steps of success to me I thought to myself “What a joke, this lady is really taking out time to go into depth the importance of things that are obvious and everyone should apply to any job they encounter.” I thought that way because I didn’t realize at the time that this job was like no other, and that in order to achieve great success, those 8 steps had to be perfected and implemented on a daily basis. They are steps that we have to instill within ourselves and create better habits to do so. On that day as she went on going over every step, I thought I was a perfect example of each and every step at that time. Man, was I in for a rude awakening!

The last step to success is to Take Control, it was one of the steps I struggled the most and the longest with. It was uncomfortable for me to take control in the field, with observations, and throughout my program. It was until I was able to be confident in taking control when my program became my own. I struggled with many of the things most people struggle with in taking control; therefore I understand the obstacles and discomfort that comes with doing so.

Hence, I will share a few points that worked for me as I learned how to perfect the last step of the 8 Working Habits (8 Steps of Success). The first thing that helped me was capturing the moment. Whether it was in the field with a customer, running an impact or networking with someone I wanted to learn from, for me the highest challenge was overthinking which led to procrastination. Capturing the moment helped me overcome that negative. Another thing that helped profusely was setting up a plan from setting up my week precisely to setting up my days, like preparing my impacts, and questions for my sit downs or calls, and creating a to do list for each day for work and my personal life. The next thing that helped me take control of my program was knowing the why behind everything. Why was it important to persist a sale, why was it important to take gauges, why was it important to network, why was it important to run impacts, why was it important to participate in challenges, why was it important to take notes everyday, so on and so forth. Knowing the why forced me to just take control and go through with the action at hand. And the most important thing that helped me take control was reminding myself of my goals, what I wanted out of this program and why I started in the first place. I learned that activity without purpose was the drain of my program. Therefore, I would practice being consciously aware of my purpose. As I implemented these three things throughout my program it gave me leverage and allowed me to perfect all 8 Steps.

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control of what you don’t.

About Nilda
I am a mother of two teenagers, I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in the United States; Jersey City, NJ is my hometown. I have a corporate business background. In January of 2014 I resigned from my Compliance Officer position at a Home Health Aide company that I held for 6years to pursue my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur. In April of 2016 I opened my own Direct Marketing Firm with a small team of 6representatives. We are now a team of 25representatives and this year we are focused on expanding our firm to market for our client(s) on a larger scale. What I enjoy doing most is spending quality time with my children and family; reading; writing; outdoor activities and impacting others in a positive way.

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