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by Nilda Oquendo

Three years ago I decided to take a leap of faith, to be rather bold and to take on a challenge to transform myself and life completely by following my dreams and creating my reality. Three years ago when life seemed at it’s best and I was at my strongest…. had prepared me to be where I am today. I don’t know how many of you believe that Karma plays a huge role in our lives and every thing that we do, every action that we take mold who we will be and where we will be in the future. I however firmly believe in this and consciously live life fully aware of this matter. I am now where I only imagined to be just three years ago and I am now working towards where I want to be three years from now.
Our theme for this week is Building Momentum and our main focus is on how to use this tool in our favor and how to create it in every aspect of our lives and to understand the law behind it. You see, Momentum is created by staying in motion and it will continue that direction until it meets a resisting force.
In July of 2014 I had created Momentum for myself in such a way that it gave me the will to become who I am today, fully aware of that; allows me to stay focused and committed to my goals in life and allows me to get excited about the process. When I think back on how I managed to accomplish all that I have thus far, I realize that I was building that Momentum the very moment I had decided to make a drastic change in my life. When in December of 2013 I was exhausted of going through life unhappy, worried, incomplete and drained from the reality I lived; I vowed to put my full effort into replacing all the things that made me unhappy at that time with things that will create steady happiness for my future.
There are various of things that played a huge impact on my progression and the first step was Believing I was capable of being and doing greater things. And for me that first step was believing I could accomplish more than working for someone else. Resigning from my position at that time was the goal I had in place because it was the thing I was most unhappy with. I had come to a point where growth was no longer available to me and not being able to grow felt overwhelming to my soul. I knew that I wanted more for my life but I understood that the circumstances I was in were not going to gear me towards accomplishing my dreams. However, I was completely terrified of letting go of something I knew so well in place for the unknown. It took about a year to had finally act upon the thought of resigning, like an unhealthy relationship with our guiltiest pleasure we know we shouldn’t be in; I found myself justifying why I continued working at a place I wasn’t happy in. Back and forth I went all year long contemplating, complaining about the situation I was in and wondering how I would get out of it. Until I started making small changes in my daily routine. The first thing I started to do was read books; summer of 2013 my Mother-in-Law gave me a book by Joyce Meyer-Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes. This book helped me find peace within knowing that it is ok to put myself first; which by the way was a huge negative for me. I found it quite uncomfortable putting myself first and that feeling took away from being in full control of my own life. At the time I didn’t realize the positive effect this small action of reading positive literature impacted the future of my life. After that book came many more and those books helped transition my mindset from a negative to a positive; from a victim to a victor. As I continued evolving into an avid reader I found myself taking the next huge step that created this path for me. That was Action. I went from reading these spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth books to participating in all of the exercises encouraged by the authors to practice. This helped me create a habit of not just knowing something but actually doing something. These exercises helped me learn about balance and accountability. This helped me develop the courage within myself to do what I want to do. This lead me to handing in my resignation letter to the company I worked for at the time two weeks before New Years Day of 2014.
Having quit my job with no real plan in place, all I had was a small savings account, the knowledge I had gained, the discipline I have acquired, the positive attitude I had developed and the excitement of living out the slogan “New Year, New Me!” in 2014. This lead me to step three of my journey. I had no idea what I was going to do after resigning from my job, all I knew was that from that moment on I was going to choose happiness, happiness didn’t have a face, nor a name. All I knew was what I wanted to feel and once again I came to terms that the circumstances I was currently in were not going to lead me there. Step three was Build a Network. In the books that I read I learned that building a network of people who can teach you, coach you, mentor you will deliver strong results towards your success. I had no network, so I did what the authors of the books I read wrote about; I looked to build a network of people to help me expand myself. The next day I made a vow to only post positive things on Social Media and to change my circle of online friends. I deleted all the negative, added more positive and followed through with maintaining a positive online image. No complaining about Monday and no more hooraying about Friday. Once again I had not realized at that time the impact that decision made for my future. Making that change exposed me to a great deal of inspiring, motivated, successful individuals who created their own path towards success. This lead me to gain hands on experience in Social Media Marketing and Network Marketing. Early January of 2014 I surrounded myself to a network of entrepreneurs who coached me, trained me, mentored me through life. Allowing me to develop self starting abilities, self motivation, self discipline and grew into the highest self I had ever felt in my life.
Although I was on cloud 9 I was not making money, I had all this knowledge, I was applying it to my every day life but I had no structure to develop the foundations of my business I had not learned a trade yet. I had not developed the skill of marketing, branding. I had build momentum to do something great, something amazing, I just still quite didn’t know which direction to take and in April of 2014 reality started knocking on my door reminding me that the savings account was low and money wasn’t being made; so I decided to go job hunting as I worked towards my dream to run my own business. I went from interview to interview and could not find anything that sparked my interest enough to dedicate my full life to. I had come to terms with the fact that if I was going to work for someone else I had to be fully satisfied with my decision and wasn’t just filling a necessity. I was determined in becoming an Entrepreneur and I understood that working full time for someone else meant putting my dreams on the back burner and I was not happy with that outcome therefore I had to work for a company I was going to be excited about everyday.
July 18th, 2014 was my first day working in the Direct Marketing Industry. I was offered an opportunity to come in at the entry level and work towards completing a Management Training Program that offered training in understanding every aspect of the industry and branching out as a Campaign Manager. This program offered me everything I looked for within a company, having mentors and coaches and leaders working along side of me allowed me in a structured and learning environment to excel into a Management position where I led a sales and marketing office along side another manager as the CEO expanded to California to market his clients on a larger scale. From October 2014 to March of 2014 I learned how to lead, motivate, train, coach a team of visionaries and gained the confidence to expand and run my own Direct Marketing Firm. April of 2016 I expanded to New Jersey with a team of six and we are now leading one of the top Event Based Marketing Firms for our Client in the State of New Jersey. Completing my management training program drew me to learning my fourth step to now running my own business. That last step is Leadership. I learned the importance of leadership, and I learned the true definition of leadership, I learned how to practice it, how to embrace it and how to replicate it. I vow to lead my team by example at all times. Just as my mentors, coaches, trainers, leaders offered me an opportunity for growth I look forward to offering the same to my team. Without my network of mentors I wouldn’t be where I am today and without my team I wouldn’t have my own business. I am fully aware of the fact that I am responsible for delivering an opportunity for others in my business and taking on the challenge to learn this industry from the ground up has allowed me to learn the skill to do so.
Every step I have taken to reach my current destination created momentum for me and I continue to practice these four steps throughout my daily life because momentum demands movement and in order to experience consistent growth and constant happiness I must be consistent with my actions.

About Nilda
I am a mother of two teenagers, I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in the United States; Jersey City, NJ is my hometown. I have a corporate business background. In January of 2014 I resigned from my Compliance Officer position at a Home Health Aide company that I held for 6years to pursue my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur. In April of 2016 I opened my own Direct Marketing Firm with a small team of 6representatives. We are now a team of 25representatives and this year we are focused on expanding our firm to market for our client(s) on a larger scale. What I enjoy doing most is spending quality time with my children and family; reading; writing; outdoor activities and impacting others in a positive way.


  • Allison Wolcoff
    11:02 PM - 5 October, 2017

    After reading just a couple of your mission statements, I believe you are a true inspiration to women who need empowerment in their lives. I like how truly straight up, no nonsense you are. Thank you for being your authentic self! I wish you much continued success professionally and personally. (I’m hoping you open more offices as well)! – Allison

    • Nilda Oquendo
      3:34 PM - 17 October, 2017


      Thank you for your kind words and well wishes! Best of luck to you and your future!

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