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by Nilda Oquendo

Go the extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded.

Our business is probably one of the simplest business one can possibly do and become extremely successful. Then why is it that very few encounter successes within it? That answer is very simple. It boils down to three things and that is the foundations of creating success. There is a difference between being interested in a goal and being committed to a goal. When you are interested in something you accept no excuses, only results. There are two kinds of people in our business; the ones who will work and then the ones who are willing to do what others won’t.

In our business, the ones who go the extra mile are the ones who will see their goals become reality. One of the very first things we teach here at JV Commerce is self-motivation; we do that by learning each individuals’ “Why” and offer the tools to bring it into existence. In order to excel within our company, the only things that are needed are three simple traits: A Great Attitude, A Phenomenal Student Mentality and An Amazing Work Ethic. Some may ask how can we strengthen those foundations, below I will share points on how to do so:

Positive Attitude:
Be the solution; not the problem-Problem solving mindset
No Doubt Words/ Thoughts/Actions-Winning Mentality
Treat every person the same- Enthusiasm
Kill them with kindness- be the bigger person
Don’t take things personal- Indifference
Focus on the moment and task at hand

Student Mentality:
Write everything down- If it’s not written it doesn’t exist
Set goals- Short term/Midterm/ Long term-personal/Professional
Repetition- Strive to perfect the skill by perfecting the practice behind it
Copy & Paste- Surround yourself with greatness; apply what you learn
Open Mind- Do not judge; treat everyone with importance/ Be like a sponge/ Ask questions
Constructive Feedback- Be open to learn what your flaws are to strengthen the skill/ Build a network of people who will mentor, coach, teach, lead you

Work Ethic:
100% Effort-Invest your full self into it
Have a no excuse type of attitude-always think “Is this worth saying” if the answer is no, don’t say it
Pace-Increase the volume of chances of succeeding by increasing the amount of exposure you allow yourself
Urgency-Act as if someone is working 24/7 to take it all away from you
Self-Starting Ability-Motivate yourself, discipline yourself, hold yourself accountable
Preparation time management image attitude system

Although skill may shorten your program it is not a necessity. In fact, I have seen many skillful individuals come into our business and fail at it because they lacked one if not all the three key traits that are needed; I have equally seen individuals come on with no experience at all in our field and succeed because they applied those very same key area I mentioned above. I for one was of those people; when I came into this industry in 2014, I had no experience in sales and marketing; I was extremely bashful and wasn’t really sure how well I would do. However, I saw the vision that was presented to me and I understood that if I applied what was taught while applying that foundation every single day I would be able to master the field.

While most focus on the wrong things; very few focus on the right ones to go where other only dream to be. We are an opportunity business with a sales problem; we are not a sales company but many focus so much on sales they fail to see the opportunity. 98% of people will say they want to become successful but 2% of them who claim they want success will actually make it. In life, in order to become successful, we must shift through the 98% who claim they share your vision to find the 2% who will give what it takes to accomplish their dreams. There is extensive room for growth here at JV Commerce and everyone has an equal shot at it with opportunities like promotions from within; no seniority policy; and zero tolerance for office politics. If you work hard and are the best example whether you are here on first day or your first year; you will allow room for your success. The key however is to go the extra mile, it takes standing out from the crowd. The question I leave with you today is; if you build a house with your work ethic your student mentality, your attitude; would you trust the foundation enough to live in it?

By: Nilda Oquendo

About Nilda
I am a mother of two teenagers, I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in the United States; Jersey City, NJ is my hometown. I have a corporate business background. In January of 2014 I resigned from my Compliance Officer position at a Home Health Aide company that I held for 6years to pursue my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur. In April of 2016 I opened my own Direct Marketing Firm with a small team of 6representatives. We are now a team of 25representatives and this year we are focused on expanding our firm to market for our client(s) on a larger scale. What I enjoy doing most is spending quality time with my children and family; reading; writing; outdoor activities and impacting others in a positive way.

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