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by Nilda Oquendo

When people hear the word “struggle” an amateur may come to mind. But the truth is everyone struggles; no matter what level they are in their professional career, they can struggle. Adjusting to your industry requires hard work, the will to expand out of our comfort zones and a whole lot of diligence. Working in a niche where you can make yourself known, and preparing and maintaining that foundation takes time and discipline. People who have been a part of our business for a while have had their struggles. Whether it’s in the field, with recruitment, during retraining, any of the seven key areas or the 8 working habits of the three foundations; we never have everything perfected. We will have our highs and our lows in life, in business and in relationships; however understanding that hitting the reset button when needed is always available.

When people struggle we find that they stop multitasking as efficiently as they had been before and start focusing on the wrong parts of their business and they usually don’t see it; they seem to be prospecting but not following through and spending too much time with the people that aren’t necessarily beneficial to their program. They always seemed busy, but not busy doing the right activities for their progression. Eventually what happens is that they cannot balance the mess they create.

In times like these it is important to take a step back, reflect on our actions and hit the reset button. Hitting the reset button simply means to go back and learn the foundations of whatever the struggle is. Emphasizing on the effort we are putting forth, truly studying and practicing the systems we implement and also approaching everything with a problem-solving mindset will help us get back on track. While it all sounds like common sense and doesn’t seem too complicated, there are people who are always producing and people who always seem to be struggling. The key difference between these two types of people is simple: struggling individuals aren’t being strategic in various aspects of their business. For example, many people get lost with time management or lack thereof. One significant difference between thriving individuals and struggling individuals is that those thriving spend more time engaging in activities that will help them develop.

Hitting the reset button will help strengthen your discipline. Re-aligning your goals will allow you to focus on important actions you have to take. Re-starting will allow you the opportunity to put your actions into practice with better knowledge of what to do and what not to do. A thriving individual is disciplined and strategic with their time. A struggling individual, no matter what level, tends to be reactionary and allows distractions to take over from the activities that should have more priority. Again, focus is key and while struggling seems to be more common for new people coming into the business it is true that seasoned representatives sometimes even high-rollers, have their share of challenges they need help overcoming. Those who excel are always the ones who consistently re-evaluate their progression within the program and know when they need to hit the reset button, realign the plan and restart the process.

About Nilda
I am a mother of two teenagers, I was born in Puerto Rico, raised in the United States; Jersey City, NJ is my hometown. I have a corporate business background. In January of 2014 I resigned from my Compliance Officer position at a Home Health Aide company that I held for 6years to pursue my dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur. In April of 2016 I opened my own Direct Marketing Firm with a small team of 6representatives. We are now a team of 25representatives and this year we are focused on expanding our firm to market for our client(s) on a larger scale. What I enjoy doing most is spending quality time with my children and family; reading; writing; outdoor activities and impacting others in a positive way.

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