Purpose:​ JV Commerce exists to be the strongest events and promotions firm in the direct marketing industry by building personal relationships and providing enhanced customer service, while providing the highest return on investment and profitability for our clients

Vision: ​To provide quality services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients as well as their customers.

Mission Statement: To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer service by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology, while providing growth and opportunity to our marketing team by expanding our organization expeditiously.

Core Values: ​JV Commerce believes in treating every single customer with respect and addressing their individual needs. We grow in synergy through creativity, invention, and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity, and business ethics into all aspects of our business operations.

Goals: We said that 2018 was going to be our expansion year here at JV Commerce. We have been preparing for it since late last year. The long-term goal is to become an International Multi-Million Dollar Direct Marketing Firm with universal clients generating 80-100% of their quality customer base while providing low cost to the branding that we provide for them. We must work backwards in order to move forward. Within 5 years we look to expand nationally with a minimum of 50 offices and 10 clients. Within this year we will be expanding to Washington DC; Pittsburgh, PA; and South Carolina. Our Business Development Program, Internship Program and Team we are currently working alongside with will allow us to grow as rapidly as our clients needs demands us to!