By Nilda Oquendo

Dear Winter;

Winter of 2017 has given me a run for my money! I personally don’t care for Winter, I have never liked the cold, in fact I detest it, I feared it all my life! Besides the cold I am not a fan of dark and gloomy days. It is quite difficult for me to pull my covers off in the mornings when I wake up to feel the the winter chill that creeps in at night; I dislike pressing my feet on an ice cold bathroom floor after the extremely hot showers I take on a winter day. I love sunshine and a hot summer breeze against my skin, I love to see leaves on the trees and flowers blooming and birds chirping. I love to wake up to the natural light of the day hitting my face in the early mornings. I’ve never been interested in Winter outdoor activities like snowmobiling or skiing; even ice skating. I often dreamt about moving to the Golden State or the Sunshine State but I could never find myself into doing so mainly because my family resides in New Jersey and I want to be close to them and also because I absolutely love the Tri-State area. I was always the person who complained about the cold, snow, ice and I also allowed the weather to dictate my attitude. I thought that was how life was going to always be for me; a few months of extreme happiness parts of the Spring, all of Summer and a few weeks in the Fall; then full misery the longest season of the year. Oh Winter, what a pain you have been throughout life. But then something shifted; Summer of 2014 I entered the Direct Marketing Business and grew a passion for it; initially when I came into this industry my goal was to be out of the field sales role by winter of 2014 because I honestly didn’t believe I could survive a winter in this business. But things didn’t go that way, I was five months into my Management Training Program when December of 2014 came around and I was nowhere close to becoming a Manager. I was not excited about the winter, and if any of you guys remember what Winter of 2014 was like, you will remember that it was brutal! There was much snow and many record breaking temperatures below zero degrees Fahrenheit; but I was super excited about my career, personal growth as well as professional growth my program had everything to do with that. I had to make a decision as to whether I wanted to continue or simply find another job. As scared as I was to go through my program in the winter, I was more scared of being average, so I made a conscious decision to at least give it a shot. Since I have entered the industry of Direct Marketing I have learned how to embrace Winter. My Management Training Program taught me how to deal with the Winter much better than I ever could before. I learned how to prepare better for it; mentally, physically and emotionally. I got promoted into a Management position August 2015, right before Winter started and I was super excited about that, but I continued to conduct field sales winter of 2015 because I had a team to lead, and I wanted to work alongside of them not dictate their actions. I thought I had conquered the fear of Winter until this winter came around. I won’t complain, this wasn’t the worst winter I have experienced but it started off really harsh and I was reminded by the fact that winter still isn’t my favorite season and I still fear the cold and it still sometimes gets me in a grumpy mood but I’ve conditioned myself to tolerate it, to carry on with my life and not allow it to take full control of my emotions. And you know why? Because I was bold enough to face it!

By Nilda Oquendo

Reset, Realign, Restart.

When people hear the word “struggle” an amateur may come to mind. But the truth is everyone struggles; no matter what level they are in their professional career, they can struggle. Adjusting to your industry requires hard work, the will to expand out of our comfort zones and a whole lot of diligence. Working in a niche where you can make yourself known, and preparing and maintaining that foundation takes time and discipline. People who have been a part of our business for a while have had their struggles. Whether it’s in the field, with recruitment, during retraining, any of the seven key areas or the 8 working habits of the three foundations; we never have everything perfected. We will have our highs and our lows in life, in business and in relationships; however understanding that hitting the reset button when needed is always available.

When people struggle we find that they stop multitasking as efficiently as they had been before and start focusing on the wrong parts of their business and they usually don’t see it; they seem to be prospecting but not following through and spending too much time with the people that aren’t necessarily beneficial to their program. They always seemed busy, but not busy doing the right activities for their progression. Eventually what happens is that they cannot balance the mess they create.

In times like these it is important to take a step back, reflect on our actions and hit the reset button. Hitting the reset button simply means to go back and learn the foundations of whatever the struggle is. Emphasizing on the effort we are putting forth, truly studying and practicing the systems we implement and also approaching everything with a problem-solving mindset will help us get back on track. While it all sounds like common sense and doesn’t seem too complicated, there are people who are always producing and people who always seem to be struggling. The key difference between these two types of people is simple: struggling individuals aren’t being strategic in various aspects of their business. For example, many people get lost with time management or lack thereof. One significant difference between thriving individuals and struggling individuals is that those thriving spend more time engaging in activities that will help them develop.

Hitting the reset button will help strengthen your discipline. Re-aligning your goals will allow you to focus on important actions you have to take. Re-starting will allow you the opportunity to put your actions into practice with better knowledge of what to do and what not to do. A thriving individual is disciplined and strategic with their time. A struggling individual, no matter what level, tends to be reactionary and allows distractions to take over from the activities that should have more priority. Again, focus is key and while struggling seems to be more common for new people coming into the business it is true that seasoned representatives sometimes even high-rollers, have their share of challenges they need help overcoming. Those who excel are always the ones who consistently re-evaluate their progression within the program and know when they need to hit the reset button, realign the plan and restart the process.

By Nilda Oquendo

Theme Of The Week: Go the Extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded

Go the extra Mile, It’s Never Crowded.

Our business is probably one of the simplest business one can possibly do and become extremely successful. Then why is it that very few encounter successes within it? That answer is very simple. It boils down to three things and that is the foundations of creating success. There is a difference between being interested in a goal and being committed to a goal. When you are interested in something you accept no excuses, only results. There are two kinds of people in our business; the ones who will work and then the ones who are willing to do what others won’t.

In our business, the ones who go the extra mile are the ones who will see their goals become reality. One of the very first things we teach here at JV Commerce is self-motivation; we do that by learning each individuals’ “Why” and offer the tools to bring it into existence. In order to excel within our company, the only things that are needed are three simple traits: A Great Attitude, A Phenomenal Student Mentality and An Amazing Work Ethic. Some may ask how can we strengthen those foundations, below I will share points on how to do so:

Positive Attitude:
Be the solution; not the problem-Problem solving mindset
No Doubt Words/ Thoughts/Actions-Winning Mentality
Treat every person the same- Enthusiasm
Kill them with kindness- be the bigger person
Don’t take things personal- Indifference
Focus on the moment and task at hand

Student Mentality:
Write everything down- If it’s not written it doesn’t exist
Set goals- Short term/Midterm/ Long term-personal/Professional
Repetition- Strive to perfect the skill by perfecting the practice behind it
Copy & Paste- Surround yourself with greatness; apply what you learn
Open Mind- Do not judge; treat everyone with importance/ Be like a sponge/ Ask questions
Constructive Feedback- Be open to learn what your flaws are to strengthen the skill/ Build a network of people who will mentor, coach, teach, lead you

Work Ethic:
100% Effort-Invest your full self into it
Have a no excuse type of attitude-always think “Is this worth saying” if the answer is no, don’t say it
Pace-Increase the volume of chances of succeeding by increasing the amount of exposure you allow yourself
Urgency-Act as if someone is working 24/7 to take it all away from you
Self-Starting Ability-Motivate yourself, discipline yourself, hold yourself accountable
Preparation time management image attitude system

Although skill may shorten your program it is not a necessity. In fact, I have seen many skillful individuals come into our business and fail at it because they lacked one if not all the three key traits that are needed; I have equally seen individuals come on with no experience at all in our field and succeed because they applied those very same key area I mentioned above. I for one was of those people; when I came into this industry in 2014, I had no experience in sales and marketing; I was extremely bashful and wasn’t really sure how well I would do. However, I saw the vision that was presented to me and I understood that if I applied what was taught while applying that foundation every single day I would be able to master the field.

While most focus on the wrong things; very few focus on the right ones to go where other only dream to be. We are an opportunity business with a sales problem; we are not a sales company but many focus so much on sales they fail to see the opportunity. 98% of people will say they want to become successful but 2% of them who claim they want success will actually make it. In life, in order to become successful, we must shift through the 98% who claim they share your vision to find the 2% who will give what it takes to accomplish their dreams. There is extensive room for growth here at JV Commerce and everyone has an equal shot at it with opportunities like promotions from within; no seniority policy; and zero tolerance for office politics. If you work hard and are the best example whether you are here on first day or your first year; you will allow room for your success. The key however is to go the extra mile, it takes standing out from the crowd. The question I leave with you today is; if you build a house with your work ethic your student mentality, your attitude; would you trust the foundation enough to live in it?

By: Nilda Oquendo

By Nilda Oquendo

Momentum Demands Movement

Three years ago I decided to take a leap of faith, to be rather bold and to take on a challenge to transform myself and life completely by following my dreams and creating my reality. Three years ago when life seemed at it’s best and I was at my strongest…. had prepared me to be where I am today. I don’t know how many of you believe that Karma plays a huge role in our lives and every thing that we do, every action that we take mold who we will be and where we will be in the future. I however firmly believe in this and consciously live life fully aware of this matter. I am now where I only imagined to be just three years ago and I am now working towards where I want to be three years from now.
Our theme for this week is Building Momentum and our main focus is on how to use this tool in our favor and how to create it in every aspect of our lives and to understand the law behind it. You see, Momentum is created by staying in motion and it will continue that direction until it meets a resisting force.
In July of 2014 I had created Momentum for myself in such a way that it gave me the will to become who I am today, fully aware of that; allows me to stay focused and committed to my goals in life and allows me to get excited about the process. When I think back on how I managed to accomplish all that I have thus far, I realize that I was building that Momentum the very moment I had decided to make a drastic change in my life. When in December of 2013 I was exhausted of going through life unhappy, worried, incomplete and drained from the reality I lived; I vowed to put my full effort into replacing all the things that made me unhappy at that time with things that will create steady happiness for my future.
There are various of things that played a huge impact on my progression and the first step was Believing I was capable of being and doing greater things. And for me that first step was believing I could accomplish more than working for someone else. Resigning from my position at that time was the goal I had in place because it was the thing I was most unhappy with. I had come to a point where growth was no longer available to me and not being able to grow felt overwhelming to my soul. I knew that I wanted more for my life but I understood that the circumstances I was in were not going to gear me towards accomplishing my dreams. However, I was completely terrified of letting go of something I knew so well in place for the unknown. It took about a year to had finally act upon the thought of resigning, like an unhealthy relationship with our guiltiest pleasure we know we shouldn’t be in; I found myself justifying why I continued working at a place I wasn’t happy in. Back and forth I went all year long contemplating, complaining about the situation I was in and wondering how I would get out of it. Until I started making small changes in my daily routine. The first thing I started to do was read books; summer of 2013 my Mother-in-Law gave me a book by Joyce Meyer-Eat the Cookie, Buy the Shoes. This book helped me find peace within knowing that it is ok to put myself first; which by the way was a huge negative for me. I found it quite uncomfortable putting myself first and that feeling took away from being in full control of my own life. At the time I didn’t realize the positive effect this small action of reading positive literature impacted the future of my life. After that book came many more and those books helped transition my mindset from a negative to a positive; from a victim to a victor. As I continued evolving into an avid reader I found myself taking the next huge step that created this path for me. That was Action. I went from reading these spiritual, emotional, mental and physical growth books to participating in all of the exercises encouraged by the authors to practice. This helped me create a habit of not just knowing something but actually doing something. These exercises helped me learn about balance and accountability. This helped me develop the courage within myself to do what I want to do. This lead me to handing in my resignation letter to the company I worked for at the time two weeks before New Years Day of 2014.
Having quit my job with no real plan in place, all I had was a small savings account, the knowledge I had gained, the discipline I have acquired, the positive attitude I had developed and the excitement of living out the slogan “New Year, New Me!” in 2014. This lead me to step three of my journey. I had no idea what I was going to do after resigning from my job, all I knew was that from that moment on I was going to choose happiness, happiness didn’t have a face, nor a name. All I knew was what I wanted to feel and once again I came to terms that the circumstances I was currently in were not going to lead me there. Step three was Build a Network. In the books that I read I learned that building a network of people who can teach you, coach you, mentor you will deliver strong results towards your success. I had no network, so I did what the authors of the books I read wrote about; I looked to build a network of people to help me expand myself. The next day I made a vow to only post positive things on Social Media and to change my circle of online friends. I deleted all the negative, added more positive and followed through with maintaining a positive online image. No complaining about Monday and no more hooraying about Friday. Once again I had not realized at that time the impact that decision made for my future. Making that change exposed me to a great deal of inspiring, motivated, successful individuals who created their own path towards success. This lead me to gain hands on experience in Social Media Marketing and Network Marketing. Early January of 2014 I surrounded myself to a network of entrepreneurs who coached me, trained me, mentored me through life. Allowing me to develop self starting abilities, self motivation, self discipline and grew into the highest self I had ever felt in my life.
Although I was on cloud 9 I was not making money, I had all this knowledge, I was applying it to my every day life but I had no structure to develop the foundations of my business I had not learned a trade yet. I had not developed the skill of marketing, branding. I had build momentum to do something great, something amazing, I just still quite didn’t know which direction to take and in April of 2014 reality started knocking on my door reminding me that the savings account was low and money wasn’t being made; so I decided to go job hunting as I worked towards my dream to run my own business. I went from interview to interview and could not find anything that sparked my interest enough to dedicate my full life to. I had come to terms with the fact that if I was going to work for someone else I had to be fully satisfied with my decision and wasn’t just filling a necessity. I was determined in becoming an Entrepreneur and I understood that working full time for someone else meant putting my dreams on the back burner and I was not happy with that outcome therefore I had to work for a company I was going to be excited about everyday.
July 18th, 2014 was my first day working in the Direct Marketing Industry. I was offered an opportunity to come in at the entry level and work towards completing a Management Training Program that offered training in understanding every aspect of the industry and branching out as a Campaign Manager. This program offered me everything I looked for within a company, having mentors and coaches and leaders working along side of me allowed me in a structured and learning environment to excel into a Management position where I led a sales and marketing office along side another manager as the CEO expanded to California to market his clients on a larger scale. From October 2014 to March of 2014 I learned how to lead, motivate, train, coach a team of visionaries and gained the confidence to expand and run my own Direct Marketing Firm. April of 2016 I expanded to New Jersey with a team of six and we are now leading one of the top Event Based Marketing Firms for our Client in the State of New Jersey. Completing my management training program drew me to learning my fourth step to now running my own business. That last step is Leadership. I learned the importance of leadership, and I learned the true definition of leadership, I learned how to practice it, how to embrace it and how to replicate it. I vow to lead my team by example at all times. Just as my mentors, coaches, trainers, leaders offered me an opportunity for growth I look forward to offering the same to my team. Without my network of mentors I wouldn’t be where I am today and without my team I wouldn’t have my own business. I am fully aware of the fact that I am responsible for delivering an opportunity for others in my business and taking on the challenge to learn this industry from the ground up has allowed me to learn the skill to do so.
Every step I have taken to reach my current destination created momentum for me and I continue to practice these four steps throughout my daily life because momentum demands movement and in order to experience consistent growth and constant happiness I must be consistent with my actions.

By Nilda Oquendo

Awaken the Beast

Character is developed from embracing the struggle. Make your tests your testimony, instead of dwelling on the negative; focus on solving the negative. Focus on putting more into life than getting more out of life. Take risk, risk takers always gain the most out of life. Don’t know where to start? Just start, the Universe will give you immediate feedback on what needs to be done.

Dark times encounter all of us. It is how we receive it that matters. If we are victimized by our thoughts we are victimized by life. I use my memories but I don’t allow my memories to use me. When I think about losses or failures of any sort I think of it with the perspective of learning from it. When I think about something I miss; family, friends, a time in my life I focus on the positive, the great times and the happy moments; I try my hardest not to focus on the emotion of sadness and emptiness and I never allow myself to dwell in those thoughts for too long because I am fully aware that I cannot bring back something I no longer have but I can absolutely embrace the moment I am in now and the people I have in it and the things I am blessed with. So I reminisce about the times in my past but I focus more on the time of now. Darkness will pass, things will always turn out ok and if it is not ok, it has not yet passed.

How can we balance life sorrows while trying to live life abundantly? We have to learn how to awaken the beast! Think about what will make you happy with the things you have at this moment and write it down. Think about what things you think you need that will add to your happiness and write that down. Then write a plan of action towards first appreciating what you have now.
-Wake up with gratitude every day
-Be kind to yourself and others
-Embrace the bumps in the road
-Laugh at life, lighten up, don’t be so serious
-Surround yourself with positivity
*Literature *Audios
*TV/Movies *People
-Focus on the now
Now write a plan of action towards getting what you want to have
-What is it that you want?
-What do you have to do to get it?
-Start with small steps
-Write down systematic actions that can create habits
*Specific Goals
*Measurable Goals
*Attainable Goals
*Realistic Goals
*Timely Goals

Unhappiness is simply the lack of progress towards a pre set goal. In order to awake the beast within you must make progressive progress. You don’t have to arrive all at once. You don’t have to get there immediately; 3months, 6months, 1year from now you will see progress. Life is not a present of time. Life is a collection of experiences. Life isn’t about watching the clock, life starts when you wake up and ends when you rest your head. Ignore all the “you oughts” and “you shoulds”; be in control of your actions at all times. That is how you awaken the beast within. Valuing your time will give you leverage. Time is like capital and attitude plus influence play a major part of what shapes our life. Awaken the beast within by knowing what happiness means to you and start your path towards becoming that happiness.

By Nilda Oquendo

We Don’t Reach Our Destination by Standing Still

I think we can all agree that we have all allowed life to knock us down at one point or another and allowed ourselves to become victims of our circumstances rather than victors of our circumstances. It is so easy to wake up in the morning motivated, driven and optimistic when everything is going well…it is the hard times that make it difficult for us to find that same motivation, drive, and optimism. Here, at JV Commerce, we teach this method called “The Zone of Positivity”. It simply means keeping a balance of emotions, learning how to not get overly excited when things are going great, and how to not get overly “negged out” when things are going sour. We practice focusing on our actions rather than our results to be able to set self doubt and fear aside to accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

There are many systems we could use to be able to start our journey into greatness. This week we will touch upon many ways to set a plan and take the actions necessary to accomplish it. The key to create the impossible possible is to have a vision and work backwards to make it reality.

First thing is the vision. Then comes the plan. After planning, we need to place ourselves in a situation to take action with our plan. We also have to prepare ourselves for all the negatives we will face on our way to accomplish our goal, and be able to control our emotions, actions, and surroundings as much as possible.

In just a week time, we will encounter multiple different obstacles, negatives, and challenges that will test our attitude. Learning how to remove emotions from the situation will save us much time and trouble. When we are in a great place mentally, we naturally impact others subconsciously because we are so excited about life. However, when we focus on the negative, we dig ourselves into a dark place and it becomes more difficult for us each day to step out of it. If we continue living with fear rather than hope, eventually we become so discouraged that we find ourselves giving up. Persistence is the most difficult trait to use when things get hard, but getting through the hard is where success is found!

By Nilda Oquendo

Make Progress or Make Excuses

I think we could all agree that the hardest part in succeeding at things is just getting started. Our biggest obstacles tends to normally be that we over-analyze the situation, that we are afraid of failing, or that we are not willing to step out of our comfort zones. Sometimes just pure laziness holds us back from taking advantage of a phenomenal opportunity.

Success is all about momentum. This is why here at JV Commerce we create a sense of urgency in everything that we do, from learning something new to getting promoted to then build a strong team. We understand the importance of focusing on our actions and doing everything with a passion even when we don’t feel up to it. It is quite easy to make an excuse on why we can not make something happen, but it takes quite a bit of structure and discipline to have a problem solving mindset and address every challenge with a winning mentality.

The difference between failure and success is in the slight edge. The same things that could be so easy to do could be just as difficult to do if you simply don’t get started. For instance, have you ever wanted to start something new and never get around to doing it? That’s because every time you get around to do so, you stop yourself and tell yourself, “I will do it later”, “I will start tomorrow”, “I will start on Monday”, or stuff like “One more won’t hurt”. Instead, the mentality should be shifted into thinking that you will never change your life until you change something small on a day to day. What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while.

The secret to getting ahead is just getting started. Studies show that anything done for 21 days straight will automatically become a habit. Therefore, set hourly, daily, weekly goals, breakdown your day to show your progression, and focus on your weaknesses that need to be strengthened. If you add just one percent of anything per day, it will have tripled in a year. Small changes will eventually add up to huge results. No matter what the goal is, like good health, graduation, parenting, profession, and sport, showing up consistently is where the magic happens.

It is simple, successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. You have three choices in life. You can watch things happen, you can make things happen or you can wonder what the hell happened. Time is free but it’s priceless. You cannot own it but you can use it. You cannot keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.

By Nilda Oquendo

Work Hard/ Play Hard

You’ve probably heard someone say that he or she works hard and plays hard. You may have dismissed it as just a saying. But it’s actually a really powerful lifestyle.

Until recently, I never considered myself as someone who played hard. Yes, I worked hard but playing hard just wasn’t my style. But boy, I am now doing it. Want to know why? Because working hard & playing hard is a freaking fantastic lifestyle! Here’s why:

Working hard has its obvious merits. When I say working hard, I don’t mean to work like a complete animal. But you should have definite aim and focus when you work. Working hard means that you are working towards a powerful goal with complete focus. For instance, if you want to open the greatest burger chain on the planet, that is your mission. You work towards that every day with so much passion that plenty of people call you crazy. Crazy is good.

Playing hard, on the other hand, takes far more to explain especially to someone who is an introvert. Netflix and chilling may seem just fine for you. But it’s important to really analyze how your free time is spent. You need to optimize this time, as well as your work time. Because optimizing free time will lead to more work time. This will lead to more goals, more money, and more awesomeness being achieved.

How quickly can you refill your tank? How much will you enjoy the process?

When normal people-not you and I-relax after working just hard enough not to get fired, they park themselves in front of the television and eat junk food. On the surface, that seems relaxing, I suppose. But actually, it’s not very relaxing. That’s why you must do it for hours before you feel that you’ve stopped jittering from the day’s excitement. Instead, it’s important to find a better way of spending your relaxation time, a much more fulfilling way.

Methods that work vary from person to person. I invite you to try out anything that seems interesting to you that requires less time than watching TV. It can even be something like getting a weekly massage. That will distress you far more than watching television.

When you find a way to relax in much less time, you’ll have much more time for leveling up in the world. Let’s do some simple 5th grade math. Let’s say that you earn $50/hour. I’m using an hourly figure for simplicity’s sake even though it’s a terrible method for determining your worth. Now let’s say that you feel like you must watch TV for 4 hours per night in order to relax from the day. That’s how much TV the average American Watches each day. If you were to watch that much TV, that would be $200 lost per day in opportunity cost. That’s about $73,000 per year lost. If you were to find a way to relax in one hour instead of four, you’d be able to give yourself a raise of $55,000 per year. That’s a pretty big deal. Imagine.

Now, finding another way to relax will likely be more expensive than watching TV. As with the massage I mentioned earlier. But what’s important is to understand that your time is valuable. Use it wisely.

By Nilda Oquendo

Winners Focus on Winning; Losers Focus on Winners

Coming back from the Rising Star conference left me a bit star struck by all the great examples that attended that weekend conference within our Organization. I must admit that it felt quite nice being recognized for our accomplishments these past few weeks. We have worked extremely hard to get to where we are at in this present moment. From becoming a part of the top 3 offices on the Sprint Campaign to promoting leaders week in and week out regularly and being extremely close to promoting a couple of more Core leaders to being extremely close to promoting our first couple of Assistant Managers; I think it is safe to say we are in a great place right now.

Now, as amazing it is to be where we are; it is very important that we are mindful of staying consistent. Within our office we have some really great examples that are setting the pace in all aspects of their management training program and it is quite easy to fall off track when surrounded by great people if we focus on their accomplishment rather than our own. When we compare what was the difference between two equally talented, hard working individuals who compete against each other in their field; almost always what determines who wins verses who loses tends to lie on their focus.

Lets use Michael Phelps and his rival Chad le Clos in the 2016 Summer Olympics; Chad was ahead of the game throughout the competition, he even went to the extremes to trash talk Michael at the U.S. Championship last year. In the 200m butterfly finals, Chad didn’t even medal; he extended that lead with one lap to go; but le Clos began to close the distance in the anchor lap-staring at Phelps all the way-only to fade as another competitor, Sakai bullied his way to the front of challengers which eventually led to Phelps victory. There lies a perfect example of falling off track when we are in the lead by focusing on others rather than ourselves.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our Management Training Program is that we offer equal opportunity to our team; we can do that because the nature of our industry allows us to. It makes sense to develop managers to expand and run their own show because it benefits everyone; our Clients, their Customers, our Organization, ourselves. We all understand that in order to market for any of our clients on a larger scale we must continue expanding.

Last year our main focus was to strengthen the foundations of our company with the small team of six Marketing Associates that expanded with us, and we have come a long way; however, this year our focus in on expanding with our client and future clients. We have so much room to grow and that means there is an opportunity for each and every one of us to grow as well. The question is, who will take control of their program? Who is bold enough to work along side of the elite team we currently have and create their own shine? Who will surround themselves with the great to become the best and who will be able to persevere through difficult times and will be able to block out the noise of the outside world to reach new heights?!

You see, competition is healthy but if we use it incorrectly it can weaken us. It is healthy to look at others’ accomplishments and want to beat them but true winners compete with themselves. True winners always look to be better than they were the day before. True winners will reach a goal to only set the bar higher and beat their personal best. Following our systematic program will allow you to become the best version of you. We measure our progression to find our weaknesses and to recognize what we have developed. It allows us to come in the next day with a realistic plan of attack. We implement simple marketing systems to help us be in control of our emotions, thoughts and actions. We have the opportunity to network in order to be able to learn from the best and replicate the best. Your management training program becomes difficult when you make it difficult. When we think, speak and act like winners then we become winners!

By Nilda Oquendo

We Are What We Repeatedly Do

We get excited when we start something new, A new job, the start of a new school year, a new project, a new venture, a new relationship. But what is important is the effort that is implemented once that excitement fades away. What will keep you committed is where you see yourself. What keeps allowing you to see something through is how bad you want it. What will keep you dedicated, is knowing who you could be, what you want to be, and where you want to be.

When we are excited we say we will see things through, it is when we take all the actions necessary to excel. But what happens when that excitement wears down by hardship, obstacles, struggles? Do we keep going? Do we keep our word to ourselves? The difference between winning and losing isn’t about how smart we are; or how skillful we are; it lies in our persistence.

Let’s use an example, lets say you know how to code software, and hypothetically speaking, let’s say you created an application that can help a particular industry. So you decide to present your software to one company within that industry but that company tells you they aren’t interested. You don’t know why, it could have been the budget. Could have been that your presentation sucked, could have been your lack of confidence. Could have been anything. But you decide to go home and you felt like this was all just a waste of your time. So you quit on your software and decide to keep to yourself again. But little did you know there was an employee at your presentation that thought your idea was amazing and he decides to hire a software developer to create an application just like yours and he does what you did. He presents it to a company and guess what happens? He gets rejected too, just like you did. But he doesn’t stop there. Nope, he keeps going and going and going until he finally gets a yes out of a company and that yes got him a deal for $50K to license the software to them and he doesn’t stop there. He keeps going. But he wasn’t smart, he didn’t write the software nor did he do any of the coding. In fact he stole the idea from you!

“Good artists copy. Great artists steal”. — Pablo Picasso

The difference between you and him was persistence. He kept going; you gave up. So you have to ask yourself, is it worth it? Is giving up on your dream worth it?

Others can be stronger than you, they can be bigger than you, they can be smarter than you but if you persist one of two things will happen; either you will win or you will die trying, because that is what people who have a purpose behind their dreams do.

Life is a competition and there will always be somebody getting outcompete. You could have the perfect strategy, the perfect opportunity. But if you don’t have persistence to the point that you are willing to die in order to outcompete others; if you don’t have that persistence then I am sorry to tell you that you’re the one that’s going to get outcompeted. Every Single Time and most people forget that. Most people forget that life down to the very core, natural selection it is a competition. Are you going to acknowledge that and step up? Or are you going to ignore that fact and settle.

Hunger and determination is the key to persistence. You suck at a task? Face it everyday with a winning mentality. You don’t know how to replicate yourself? Press on and take out someone to train everyday. You can’t build a team? Interview people everyday. You don’t know how to speak publicly? Prepare and run an impact every day. You don’t know how to manage your time? Plan ahead, prepare better, wake up earlier, have a sense of urgency. See, hard work out beats talent any day. Persist Until Something Happens!

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