By Nilda Oquendo

Take Control and Conquer

I remember when I came in for my day of observation and the leader I was set up with was explaining the marketing systems to me throughout the day, everything sounded so foreign. When she got to explaining the Eight Steps of success to me I thought to myself “What a joke, this lady is really taking out time to go into depth the importance of things that are obvious and everyone should apply to any job they encounter.” I thought that way because I didn’t realize at the time that this job was like no other, and that in order to achieve great success, those 8 steps had to be perfected and implemented on a daily basis. They are steps that we have to instill within ourselves and create better habits to do so. On that day as she went on going over every step, I thought I was a perfect example of each and every step at that time. Man, was I in for a rude awakening!

The last step to success is to Take Control, it was one of the steps I struggled the most and the longest with. It was uncomfortable for me to take control in the field, with observations, and throughout my program. It was until I was able to be confident in taking control when my program became my own. I struggled with many of the things most people struggle with in taking control; therefore I understand the obstacles and discomfort that comes with doing so.

Hence, I will share a few points that worked for me as I learned how to perfect the last step of the 8 Working Habits (8 Steps of Success). The first thing that helped me was capturing the moment. Whether it was in the field with a customer, running an impact or networking with someone I wanted to learn from, for me the highest challenge was overthinking which led to procrastination. Capturing the moment helped me overcome that negative. Another thing that helped profusely was setting up a plan from setting up my week precisely to setting up my days, like preparing my impacts, and questions for my sit downs or calls, and creating a to do list for each day for work and my personal life. The next thing that helped me take control of my program was knowing the why behind everything. Why was it important to persist a sale, why was it important to take gauges, why was it important to network, why was it important to run impacts, why was it important to participate in challenges, why was it important to take notes everyday, so on and so forth. Knowing the why forced me to just take control and go through with the action at hand. And the most important thing that helped me take control was reminding myself of my goals, what I wanted out of this program and why I started in the first place. I learned that activity without purpose was the drain of my program. Therefore, I would practice being consciously aware of my purpose. As I implemented these three things throughout my program it gave me leverage and allowed me to perfect all 8 Steps.

Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control of what you don’t.

By Nilda Oquendo

Take a Chance to Make a Change!

One of the greatest challenges we as human face is deciding whether to take a chance or not. We often forget that the changes we make are based on the chances we choose to take. It takes a bold individual to go where there is no path and leave a trail rather than going where the path may lead. However, it is safe to say that nothing will work unless we do. Achieving any goal takes trying and engaging in consistent actions everyday; that will equal to success.

We often say, “Tomorrow I will start my new diet, exercise, work on this new project, read ten pages of a good book, or write this paper for class…etc.” Humans are good for procrastination. I am fully guilty of it myself; even now when I know better, I still do it. Life tends to take a toll on us and at times we get sidetracked and unmotivated or simply are just comfortable in our everyday living. However, our daily functions are what determines where we will be a year from now, five years from now, ten years from now; so if we continue with the mindset; “Tomorrow I will…” that is the same thing we will find ourselves saying ten years from now and will be still stuck in the same place we are today with only unfulfilled hopes and dreams.

We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be. we have the power to make ourselves, and it’s as simple as that. The difficult part is believing in yourself enough to take chances. The bold are not initially bold, but the ones who are bold enough to take a chance are the ones who want it bad enough. In order to succeed in this business, you must do all things with a passion, a fire within you to excel to levels you only imagined before.

Think about all the times when you wake up hoping that you would be in a better place, better state of mind, and hoping that miraculously the dreams you have will magically appear. Think about the times you have deprived yourself from doing something you wanted to do from as simple as buying something you want to, as big as going on a nice Holiday or buying a car or your own home, or perhaps worrying about losing your job because your career lies in someone else’s hands. What about working at a place for so long and not growing on any level?

I personally wanted to be free of that. I knew there was no such thing as overnight success. I knew it was going to take extremely hard work and there was no quick fix that would get me the long-term results I was looking for. It took me making a decision to take a chance on this venture one day in July of 2014 to do something every single day to get me a step closer to the level of success I am aiming for. Now it has become a lifestyle because practice becomes habit. And although the fear of failure still haunts me at times, I am working in progress and still pushing forward because I clearly remember the woman I use to be-wishing and wanting. Now I am a Do’er and that made all the difference. Let’s be Do’ers today and everyday. Life is a one time offer so let’s make conscious choices to take chances to receive the change we are longing for.

By Nilda Oquendo

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

I want you all to take a moment and think about something that you want to have or accomplish with a passion. Just think about it for a moment, and think hard and deep on what it is. What you think will create the happiness you are seeking, if you can just grab it. Now if you are not quite sure of what that may be, then maybe the rule of Four Fs may help: Family, Fortune, Fame, and Financial Freedom. Start with one of those topics and pinpoint it to one thing that is more personal than the others. If it is family, who? If it is Fame, what kind? If it is Fortune, what does that mean to you? And if it is Financial Freedom, what is your definition of it?

Now, once you have figured out what you want out of life, I want you all to imagine being at the top of a tree top and at an end of a 6-inch wide plank that is a mile long. The thing that you want so bad is at the other side of that plank on the opposite side of you on another tree. All you have to do is walk that plank successfully without falling over, and you will have that thing that you want with a passion. However, these trees are 100 stories high and you are in a jungle where there are insects and wild birds flying, and wild animals roaming around you. Nonetheless, your surroundings cannot affect you in any way as long as you keep your complete focus on your target. Ask yourself this question, “If this scenario was real and I indeed can have what I want just by completing this task successfully, will I be capable of doing so?”

Ok, I know this scenario is a bit extreme, and the possibilities of this occurring are slim to none. But I like to look at examples like these as an analogy to have a tunnel vision mindset towards accomplish my goals. Those who are successful at accomplishing the goals they set for themselves have trained themselves to focus only on what is in front of them towards that goal. No matter what the obstacles may be or the roadblocks they may encounter on their way, they will always find a way to work around it or to overcome it.

I look back at my journey to where I am today and the journey I continue to take towards my happiness. And I realize more and more how important it is to stay completely focused on my actions along the way in order to be in control of myself when faced with things that I cannot control. Because that is what has allowed me to be where I am today, and that is what will continue to be the key factor in progressing.

There are side effects to be focused just as there are side effects to be unfocused. I will share the side effects of focus:

1) Being focused will eliminate drama in your life. When you focus on whatever it is that makes you happy, you leave no room for outside noise to alter your happiness. Whether it is family and friends, or strangers alike people love to thrive off of drama, why do we love to watch reality shows or talk shows or the news? Because people love to hear how miserable others are. However, when you focus on doing something great, those things become small factors in your life, which in turn creates less drama in your life.
2) Being focused allows you to accomplish things better. There are many times when we may try to do something or try to figure something out, and initially it may seem impossible. And at times we may procrastinate or may not even try at all. But those times when we become bold enough to take on the challenge and focus on the actions needed, we surprise ourselves with accomplishments.
3) Being focused allows us to have an abundance of whatever it is we focus on. Where focus goes, energy flows. Ever wonder why those who have problems are always surrounded by problems, and those who have success are always surrounded by success? It is because energy is like a magnet and what we think, speak, and do is what we get in return.
4) Being focused will allow you to have the life you deserve. When we focus on something so much, whether we are at the very end of that plank, the courage starts on that initial step to the other side. When we focus on something so much, whether we are in between the two trees trying to maintain our balance, that tunnel vision has the power to help you receive exactly what you want out of life!

By Nilda Oquendo

Press the Reset Button and Begin Again!

We were never taught to chase opportunity, we were taught to take orders and follow what others believe we should do. Doing what others won’t is not conventional; but neither were airplanes, cars and spaceships. The goal should not be to just live; it is to live a life without walls, and a life where you are the Author and your story can be shared with the world.

There is a saying which goes: ” You cannot start a new chapter in your life if you continue rereading the last one”. I am a firm believer of this saying; I believe that the current moment will forever be an opportunity to a fresh start. However, every so often it is important to look back with neither regret nor despair. But it is necessary to evaluate the mistakes we have made, and examine the things that have shaped who we are and taught us our most valuable lessons.

What makes beginning again such a unique thing is that it reminds us to step away and take a good look at what we have. Those moments that we so often take for granted are our unpredictable moments in time and a series of small adventures that define our view of the world and define our lives. It is incredible how we work so hard to redefine happiness over and over and over agin. When the answers we seek are molded into those very moments, we take for granted or we disregard. The moments that scare us half to death push us so far out of our comfort zones that we dread so much; these moments that are filled with pain, struggle, and obstacles should not be lived and forgotten, nor should they be avoided. Those are the moments that become engraved in who we are. And these moments arise a very important question: do you recognize the opportunity that pours your heart into every single line, your greatest self into every single word you create?

When all is said and done, what will you remember? The next 86,400 seconds, the next 1,440 minutes, the next 24 hours, or the next 365 days should not be a road to a desired destination but should be that exact destination in and of itself. In other words, take action towards your desires! Do not just desire without actions!

Looking back should be a map or your answer key. It is a tool to take the good stuff and multiply it, and a tool to take the bad stuff and learn from it. Looking back is a resourceful unit to buy yourself more times in the present moment by moving forward and not making the same mistakes over again, but in turn by making new mistakes towards growth. If life is nothing more than a collection of moments, why not collect the moments that mean the most?

A masterpiece is never about the end. It is about what gives its life from cover to cover. So make the road ahead of you be filled with action not hope; passion not obligation; and results not reasons. You may just fall in love with where your journey takes you. You are the light of your universe; you hold the key to your happiness; all you have to do is to press the reset button and begin again.

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