The benefits of face-to-face:

Face-to-face exposure gives you the opportunity to deliver your sales message and interact with a large group of people or individually.

Face-to-face exposure gives you the opportunity to attract specific audience types. As relationship-building professionals JV Commerce are skilful in connecting to every group, character, genre. We seek the demographics our client is expecting.

Face-to-face exposure is crucial for building and maintaining strong relationships. Face-to-face exposure breaks down barriers. When communicating face-to-face, you have the benefits of both verbal and non­-verbal communication, allowing you to clarify the nuances of your sales message.

  • Closer Interaction­: ​Here at JV Commerce we interact closely with customers. We share the benefits and features of our clients’ products. We can also answer peoples’ questions and develop a greater rapport with them. Business owners who use us can better target specific audiences. They are also able to target particular population segments by age, income or other demographics.
  • Greater Measurability: ​Here at JV Commerce we know who we are targeting. We can better measure the effectiveness of our advertising. We can then determine which of the people we reached out to, in turn, actually purchased the products of our clients.
  • Close with Action: ­​Here at JV Commerce, we have multiple opportunities to close prospects. We can find out why a person is hesitant to make a purchase by building a personal relationship and by asking questions. Subsequently, we find ways to overcome these objections and make the sale.
  • Cost Effectiveness and Return on Investment­: ​Here at JV Commerce, we raise exposure and brand awareness for our Clients, essentially for free since our clients only pay us when a sale is made. Hence, the return on investment is greater for our clients; more so than any other form of marketing they may use.